Tesco do own attack path

IN reply to the letter in last week’s edition regarding the footpath between Carlton Road and Sunnybank, where the unfortunate woman was attacked. The ‘Tesco supporter’ made it quite clear they didn’t think Tesco are responsible for the footpath, well they are!

Once hearing about the attack, I contacted Notts County Council explained what had happened and requested the path to be improved, bushes to be cut back to allow a clearer view down the path and lighting to be installed.

However the letter I had back from Highways Officer Angela Walton read: “The footpath is not adopted, as such; it’s not maintained at the public expenses, once contacting various sources I have been assured this land is owned by The Tesco Supermarket Company.”

Therefore Tesco are responsible for maintaining the footpath, obviously they aren’t to blame for the woman being attacked, that’s down to the low life that did it.

But maybe it could have been prevented if Tesco had maintained the path better and made it safer to use.

Landowners and contractors have a duty of care to persons on their property.

The duty of care will extend to ensuring that people do not suffer injury or other harm on their property.

It is not sufficient to say they should not be there or that they are trespassers as it’s a footpath. I wouldn’t advise using it as I don’t think it’s safe however the people who do should be aware they do have a right to be protected from harm.

I’m not against the new Tesco although I do wonder how it’s actually going to work, when traffic going into town down Carlton Road already backs up now to the traffic lights when the train gates are down, with the addition of a Tesco’s traffic will only increase causing more congestion. Be interesting to see how it works, good luck to Tesco although I will be speaking to them regarding improving the footpath for the safety of people who use it.

Antony Coupe