Sympathy is running out!

In some ways I have sympathy for the few that are disabled but over time the pedestrian area has been abused by some people and nobody will say this.

Some thought it was their right to park where they liked. I have looked round other towns and cities and they all have the same rules governing pedestrian areas with restricted loading and unloading with variable times. The only thing that is different is that streets close or adjoining pedestrian areas are for green badge holders and people who have these know the difference.

When people say the town will suffer it is a bit over the top! The thing is it is a pedestrian area and if people look what the term ‘pedestrian area’ means it says according to the Thesaurus (an eco-friendly area void of motor vehicles where families and children can walk in relative safety knowing there is no traffic to bother them).

People have obviously complained about the situation or the council would have not done what they have done, so instead of complaining just think: Why?

derek bowskill