Parking prices too expensive

I would just like to say that I completely agree with Charlotte Deane’s email regarding the Central Avenue car park and cars which park on Stubbing Lane.

Like Charlotte, I also regularly park on Stubbing Lane or Central Avenue itself when going to work, but always make a conscious effort to ensure I am not blocking anybody’s driveway, parking directly across from other vehicles, etc. Those people who do park in these inappropriate places should take a little more care and consider residents.

As to why I don’t use the carpark, well, Charlotte said it all: it is expensive.

When I first started my job in the town centre around two years ago, it cost £2.40 for four plus hours to use the car park; a price which I paid. Nevertheless, it annoyed me slightly as for up to four hours it only cost £1.20; half the price! As my job is only part-time and I was (and still am) studying for my degree, I often only work four hours a day to dedicate the rest to my studies. However, despite only working four hours, I obviously had to be parked in the car park slightly longer than this in order to walk to and from work. So I had to pay £2.40. Having to pay double for the sake of a five minute walk either side of my shift was very irritating.

So, when the parking price went up to £3 for four plus hours, I was even more annoyed and this is when I began to stop using the car park.

Again, I agree with Charlotte Deane: workers should be entitled to a reduced permit or free parking, and until they do I doubt the parking issues on Stubbing Lane will be resolved.

Ex-car park user