No hyperbole here, just facts

First there was Watergate, then Dianagate, then Plebgate, now there is Hyperbole Gate.

Hyperbole - it means someone who is stretching the truth.

Mr Mann MP got his facts mistaken and so did Mr Ilett, (Readers Letters 16th November).

Now for a history lesson: Richard Duke of York was not Richard III but his father (formerly Duke of Gloucester).

Battle of Worksop (yes it did take place) Battle: encounter of two armies, a combat, to contend a fight.

Skirmish: slight battle, a brief contest, to fight in short contests or in small parties.

Worksop Nottinghamshire, the town better known as the Gateway to the Dukeries. Also where I was born and proud of it.

On Tuesday 16th December 1460 a Yorkist vanguard (roughly 400 plus men) came to Worksop. When they got here there was a Lancastrian force (yes Worksop was Lancastrian and one of their main seats was at Tickhill which still belongs to the Duke of Lancaster, our present Queen), both forces met up and there was a Battle and the Yorkist force lost and were probably slaughtered. The remaining Yorkists, travelling up the Great North Road, got to Wakefield (Sandal Castle) and were tricked out by the Lancastrians and the Duke of York was defeated and killed.

Both Philipa Gregory and Allison Weir talk about the Battle of Worksop as does information written up at the time. Is Mr Ilet going to call two world famous historians Hyperbolic as well?

If Mr Ilet (or Mr Mann) would like to know more why don’t they come and ask the historians and archaeologists for more of the facts.

Come to the Priories Historical Society talk on Monday 17th December at Oldcotes Village Hall, start time 7.30pm.

Alternatively meetings in the new year start at the BCVS building (the Old Abbey School) next to the Priory Church on the first Thursday of every month at 7.30pm. Talks cover various subjects from Lady Arbella Stewart (the Queen that never was) to Raymoth Lane Dig at Worksop and Old Time Punishments. Cost is just £3 for visitors.

Mrs Fiona Green

Goldthorpe Avenue