Let's have a Bike Lout of the Year event in town

Knowing your paper's fondness for picture competitions, I would like to propose the Worksop Bike Lout of the Year Contest.

Simply, locate one of your photographers on Bridge Street any day of the week to photograph all those who are riding their bikes past the No Cycling signs, traffic wardens and police.

On a good day, 10 minutes, and on a bad, maybe 30 minutes, to capture a page of pictures.

Prizes are simple – all entrants receive free enrolment into the Cycling Proficiency Scheme (if it still exists) and the top three get their bikes confiscated.

It might persuade Worksop Town Centre councillors Bennett, Smith and Wanless, or our MP John Mann to make stronger demands that the Notts Rural Partnership do what they are paid for and either remove the signs altogether, put in a cycle lane or enforce their own regulations.

This Partnership seems very good at enforcing parking, so a few kids on bikes should be a ride in the park!

Today I witnessed four of the little darlings verbally abusing in a threatening manner an elderly gentleman in a mobility chair when he asked them to get off their bikes at the top of town.

Asking at the town hall what was to be done I was told that nothing could be done because they couldn't catch kids on bikes. So much for the CCTV cameras.

I do have some sympathy with the riders – after all, you can now ride on the pavement on Sparken Hill (there are little signs warning the riders to watch for emerging cars from driveways - but no warnings for the pedestrians).

So why not allow cycling in Bridge Street? Where does the pavement cycle permit cease? Why are motorists allowed to drive up Bridge Street and use their cashpoint without getting out of their car? Is it cycle discrimination?

Ride on Tommy!

(name and address supplied)