Honesty really is best policy

HONESTY is always the best policy. Mr Leon Duveen of the Liberal Democrats doesn’t understand this!

I wrote, and repeat that Mr Duveen owed Worksop students an apology for his leaders’ betrayal over the grants questions. Mr Clegg has been forced into half an apology, but not Mr Duveen!

I also observed that the Lib Dem general election leaflet made no mention of a Worksop bus station - fact!

Mr Duveen was party to, and possibly the chief culprit of a squalid scare story in this year’s general elections. This was made late in the campaign leaving no time for it to be challenged.

I have in front of me Mr Duveen’s leaflet. It’s called Focus on Worksop South - April 2012. It says that it’s edited by Leon Duveen, his picture is at the top. At the bottom it says “On May 3rd, vote for Worksop South, vote Duveen”.

His squalid scare story which had some small effect, says Labour Plans Post Election Surprise. Bassetlaw and Sherwood Liberal Democrats have found out that Labour is planing a post election change to how Bassetlaw is run. Our sources tell us that they want to introduce a directly elected mayor to replace the current leader and cabinet system. You, slyly hint Mr Duveen of a salary, probably in the region of £80,000.

Yes, Mr Duveen my observations as always stand up to scrutiny! Such is the contempt that Mr Duveen has for local people that he has no duty to produce any evidence of this!

The Labour Party can answer for itself, I write as an informed citizen, voter and taxpayer, who believe that people who stand for office and use our local paper to promote themselves, should tell the truth.

Mr Duveen, you have both of two documents, I refer to in your files. Should you not then you might make an appointment with the editor who will gladly show you the copies that I took the liberty to send him.

You now owe the good folk of Worksop not one but two apologies! Your illiberal and undemocratic conduct rightly raises the question in people’s minds whether you are a suitable person to be standing in the county council elections next year.