Grundi is Sick!

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GRUNDI, you are not living in the real world that’s for sure!

Walking with Lady G and your Corgis you called these a bunch of Soft Belly Buffoons. You had your camera handy I see!

As for calling a mother who gave her baby a sausage roll from Greggs you call it Glop, can’t leave Greggs alone.

Who are The Great Unwashed of Worksop? I think you want force-feeding with gravel, you are one sick creature, see a doctor!


M. G.

I have transcribed this one for you verbatim, mainly because I didn’t understand a word of it. It appears to be saying that because a fat old ‘buffoon’ like me enjoys the odd pasty, cake and biscuit or three, it is perfectly acceptable to stuff the same said ‘glop’ down the throat of a baby. It’s not. It’s criminal. End of debate.