Don’t knock local hospital

Please be kind enough through your pages to extol the care given to me by the staff on ward B5 at our local (Bassetlaw) hospital. I want to do this because far too often we hear people knocking our health services and putting them down for not being able to achieve when the whole reason for this is Government cuts.

On 31 October I was admitted for a Total Hip Replacement. Now at my young years (compared to some having it done) I was a total wreck. Having never been to hospital before I was convinced I would die, I would be permanently disabled or my leg would drop off etc. In other words a total mess.

On the day of admission I was treated with respect, kindness and understanding. I was made to feel important and my every need catered for. The day of admission was also the day of operation so I was whisked off to the operating room and again my care was at the forefront. When I got back to the ward then the care started and it was excellent. Apparently the recovery period for the operation is supposed to be painful but there was always someone there asking if I was in any pain and would I like it dealing with. I can honestly say I felt very little pain all the time I was in.

The second day I was visited by the Physiotherapists encouraged out of bed and trained to walk. They were excellent as was every member of staff on the ward. In itself the ward and its staff were the most generous and kind people a sick person could wish for and I thank them all sincerely for what they did for me.

So please don’t knock your local hospital, the people inside it work very hard to make your stay as comfortable as possible and often against very bad odds.

Thank you to Mr Farhan (consultant) and his team and thank you to every member of staff in the hospital who has somewhere along the line had something to do with my care.

Graham Bacon

(via email)