Caring? I think not. . .

at the recent Bassetlaw annual council meeting a resolution was proposed that in view of the economic circumstances Councillors should agree to a five per cent reduction in their payments.

Without any abstentions it was resolved ‘that the motion not be supported.’

The proposed saving to the taxpayers would have been £15,500 per annum. The proposal of five per cent for sensible acceptance of such alteration ought to have stood at 10 per cent minimum, with 25 per cent being a most reasonable decrease. The 10 per cent result would have advantaged taxpayers by £31,000 while the 25 per cent would similarly have saved £77,500.

There being only three speakers for the motion, the inevitable conclusion is that our council voting 17 for with 27 against has concluded by majority decision that community service is a ridiculous notion, now replaced by elected employment.


North Road, Retford