Are fireworks fizzling out?

I know I won’t be speaking for everybody when I say this, but I was very surprised this year at how quiet Bonfire Night and the lead up to it was.

Normally fireworks can be heard from the beginning of October which continues for some weeks after the event, but this year it doesn’t seem to have been the case.

What is happening? Is it the weather or are kids bored with it now?

I would like to say also, that on Saturday night whilst we were in the garden having our few fireworks, I could hear the entertainment at what I believe was the Three Legged Stool. I thought this was wonderful and was very peeved at having already made plans. Karaoke could be heard drifting over along with people laughing and then fireworks. It sounded like everyone had a fantastic time and can only say, if they do it again next year I will certainly be there!


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