Apologies and thanks

I have been reading lately about the ambulance service being closed, or in the plans to be closed. I also read about the lady who had to wait for coming on an hour for an ambulance. My heart goes out to her.

I myself end up on an almost regular basis having the medics coming and deal with me, even when they’re not needed. The thing is, I have been diagnosed with Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder. It’s a condition that is similar to epilepsy. I won’t go into much detail about it. Basically, I tend to fall unconscious at random periods of time. Doesn’t really matter where I am or what I’m doing. I could collapse. Fortunately for me, whenever I collapse, I land cleanly, and only end up with bumps and bruises. However, there have been times when I’ve collapsed and landed inches from the top of flights of stairs.

If the Ambulance service vanishes and I do end up with an unlucky moment and collapse and fall down the stairs, what sort of situation would I be in?

The amount of times I’ve collapsed and apologised to staff in Tesco and stores in the town centre, and even the general public for scaring them whenever I’ve gone down. However, not once have I not received help from the public or store staff. There are a couple of staff members in Tesco, whenever they see me always glances over to me to see if I’m fine. I raise a glass to them, and the rest of the staff.

As for the public, I cannot apologise to them enough, but I can’t thank them enough either. I’ve had ones escort me home out of concern, despite my objections. You give out roses to people who deserve them. I would suggest handing a bunch to the Tesco staff at the big store, a bunch to the staff in Burtons, the security staff and PCSOs who patrol the town centre, and hold a big bunch for all the kind hearted members of public.

Who says there isn’t good people in Worksop? Now keep the Ambulance service so it’s available in case myself and others that need it can receive their great help.


(via email)