Worksop: 93% of ASDA shoplifters are identified and arrested

Officers and staff are tackling shoplfiting at the Worksop ASDA
Officers and staff are tackling shoplfiting at the Worksop ASDA

If you steal from Asda in Memorial Avenue, Worksop, the odds are you will be caught.

Notts Police has been working closely with staff at the store in the fight against shoplifters.

As a result, since before Christmas, 93% of people who have stolen from the site have been identified and arrested.

Officers are working with staff on a plan of action against crime, with considerations given to the store’s layout, product placement and security.

There are 30 CCTV cameras are now in operation on at the store and desirable items have been moved to areas where there is a regular staff presence and such items have been security tagged.

Items targeted by thieves have ranged from toiletries and household cleaning products to meat and alcohol.

A spokesperson said: “Frequent police patrols take place and officers regularly liaise with staff, who are employed from the local community, about problem individuals.”

“If you are arrested officers will seek prosecution and, wherever possible, apply for an Antisocial Behaviour Order.”

If you suspect someone of theft or handling stolen goods, contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.