UFO sightings over Worksop skies

SEVERAL Worksop residents have reported sightings of strange lights in the skies above our town.

Pete Godley, 28, of Harrington Street, spotted 'an orange glow' above his house and could not explain what it was.

"There was an octagon shape of lights and they all went out one by one with a big one left glowing in the middle," he said.

"I was absolutely gobsmacked as I just can't think what it was apart from being a UFO."

"I'm not usually one to believe in these things but it certainly wasn't a plane, or anything."

Another man, who sent an email to the Guardian after seeing a report on our website, saw a line of 'silent' lights moving across the sky.

"I saw a series of lights at about 9pm on Thursday – perhaps seven or eight in a line, bright red, heading east to west, rising and then turning quite sharply and moving off to the south along the line of the Ollerton Road," he wrote.

Another family, who also emailed the Guardian, were not convinced the lights were UFOs and thinks there's a simpler explanation.

"In my opinion the UFO sighting is not real, as me and my friends saw the exact same image as described."

"We walked towards the lights as we were curious as to what they were, as we aproached the lights we realised it was the reflection of a light shining on a tree, that mirrored up into the sky making the exact same lights and pattern."

Do you know what these lights were? Did anyone capture the lights on camera?

Call the Guardian on 01909 543011, or email newsroom@worksop-guardian.co.uk with your pictures, or your experience of seeing them.