Tributes to Jill

Jill Ayscough
Jill Ayscough
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AN animal loving grandmother collapsed on Christmas Day and died just hours later, aged just 48.

Jill Ayscough’s devastated husband Craig paid tribute to his “bubbly and outgoing” wife.

The couple met in a Worksop pub 30 years ago and married at St John’s Church five years later.

During their 25 year marriage, the couple had two children Mark, 21 and Rebecca, 23.

Their lives were made complete when Rebbecca gave birth to little Phoebe last year.

“She was so bubbly and outgoing,” said Craig, 51, of Anston Avenue, Worksop.

“She loved a party in her early years.”

“As we got older she loved nothing more than staying in having a meal and a bottle of wine.”

Craig said Jill doted on her beloved border collies Jake, Lara, Ellie and Domino.

“She loved dogs, infact she probably loved dogs more than people.”

“On Christmas Day in 2003 there were 64 legs around the table for dinner, when one had eight puppies,” he added.

Jill thought she was suffering from a winter cold days before Christmas and has started taking anitbiotics.

“She always got a chesty cough every year about October or November time.”

“She went and got antibiotics and was fine.”

“This year for some reason the doctors didn’t give her any straight away.”

“When I went to pick up the prescription there was a note on from the doctors saying to go and see them, but Jill didn’t go up. She said ‘I’ll be fine’.”

“A few days before Christmas she still had a really bad cough. She was given some anitbiotics.”

“She started taking them on the Tuesday before Christmas. She hadn’t been out for a few weeks. On Wednesday she started feeling better and we went shopping.”

On Christmas Day, Craig was preparing dinner when he heard a thud.

Jill was getting ready to visit her mother when she collapsed in the bathroom.

Craig was unable to get into the bathroom because of the way Jill had fallen and called the emergency services for help.

“She never came back round. Her heart stopped five times. They managed to find a pulse and took her to intensive care.”

Craig and his children made the heartbreaking decision to turn off her life support machine in the early hours of Boxing Day.

A post mortem revealed Jill died from bronchial pnuemonia coupled with influenza.

Jill’s funeral will be held at St John’s Church, Worksop at 10am on Friday 28th January followed by a cremation at Sherwood Forest Crematorium at 11.15am.

“I want to give her a good send off,” added Craig. “It’s what she deserves.