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Julie Donaghy  (w120317-1)

Julie Donaghy (w120317-1)

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Every week we get a local member of our community to tell us about themselves for a community profile.

You might be reading about them for the first time, but they could as easily be someone you’ve already met.

This week Julie Donaghy dropped in to give us her take on the area.

Name: Julie Donaghy.

Occupation: Bank worker by day Zumba instructor by night.

Born and bred: Born in Germany in a British military camp.

What brought you to this area? My parents have lived in Thurcroft all my life on School Road.

Life at the moment consists of? My daughter Holly, my other family and friends.

Nickname at school: Little Julie. My mate Julie Cork was Big Julie and I was Little Julie.

Are you still in touch with your schoolmates, and who would you most like to get back in touch with and why? Yes I am still on touch with Corky (Julie Cork) but I would like to get back in touch with Nobby.

Name and shame any boyfriends from school: I went to Wales Comp and had a crush on Gary.

Childhood heroes: Samantha from Bewitched, because I’d like to rub my nose and all the household chores to magically be done.

Hobbies: Travelling, wakeboarding and keeping fit with loads of Zumba.

Most played CD at the moment: Full on Zumba music.

Favourite TV programme and character: I’m too busy to sit and watch TV being hyperactive.

First car: Morris Minor 1964. It had a metallic burgundy body and a silver roof.

Who would you most like to meet? My soul mate.

Ideal job would be: Teaching Zumba on a cruise ship.

Personal faults: Biting my nails and being a little hyperactive.

I’m good at...Teaching Zumba. I have good people skills and talk constantly.

How would you like to see the Dinnington and Maltby area improve? Have more of a community spirit.

Dinno’s best bits are? Zumba classes at Middleton Hall.

Personal plans and hopes for the future: I would like to take my Zumba teaching into schools and into old peoples homes etc.

Sheer bliss is? A full body massage followed by an Indian head massage, ideally in Thailand on a beach.

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