The 9 worst things about Worksop...

Christmas shoppers in Worksop town centre
Christmas shoppers in Worksop town centre
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The 9 worst things about Worksop...

1. Parking Eye cameras at the Priory Shopping Centre

A shopping centre in Gainsborough has recently terminated the contract of a parking management company by mutual consent following a number of complaints from customers. The amount of people who still contact the Guardian about the Parking Eye cameras at the Priory Centre still shows no signs of slowing down...

2. Topless louts when the sun comes out

This can be said of most town centres. But the amount of men who walk around Worksop with their tops off at the very first sign of sun is getting more concerning...

3. The amount of people drunk on Ryton Street in the day

The police appear to have had a crackdown on anti-social behaviour but not a day goes by without seeing a bloke stumbling down Ryton Street bumping into every elderly person along the way...

4. The lack of public toilets

Over the last year the number of public toilets has been reduced considerably due to anti-social behaviour. It’s the elderly and people with children who have to trek across town it affects most...

5. The number of empty shops

Although it does appear that more shops have popped up across Worksop in the last six months, there are still a lot of empty units which is a real shame.

6. Yobs congregating outside Asda

This is an increasing problem. It’s fair to say that it must be intimidating for anyone who withdraws cash from the machine at the supermarket due to the amount of characters swigging from a beer can nearby.

7. No big name restaurant chains

There is no doubt there are some fantastic little places to grab a bite to eat in the town but there really is a lack of a ‘big name’ which would pull in more visitors.

8. Millhouse Roundabout ‘improvements’

The county council say that in the long term it will help to create a lot of jobs but at the minute there is little sympathy coming from the motorists who have to wait in a queue for 15 minutes when in a rush...

9. Flytipping

The district council has been handing out fines for flytippers - and rightly so. But more can still be done by everyone to keep the town clean.