MP's Early Day Motion on Salvia

BASSETLAW MP John Mann is confident of getting good support from fellow politicians following calls to ban the hallucinogenic weed Salvia.

Mr Mann put forward an Early Day Motion last Friday calling for the banning of Salvia, which the Worksop Guardian revealed last week was on sale in Worksop's town centre.

It is now being sent to MPs with various other Early Day Motions around the Commons for them to consider and then make their feelings known.

And the MP is confident he will get a lot of support from MPs – from both sides of the house.

"Although I haven't heard anything from the Government yet, I am sure a lot of MPs are going to come out against this," said Mr Mann. "Not many people had heard of it before, so they will take time to consider it, but I am sure they will come out against it. Some of the claims made about it are very bad."

"People will be shocked by this."

The drug, which has variable effects in leaf form, is more potent when extracted from the leaf. Body Alter on Bridge Street has both the leaves and extract available to buy, without any fear of legal repercussions.

Salvia, derived from the sage family of plants, contains the active ingredient salvinorin A, which yields the hallucinogenic effects. It is freely available on the internet, and can be smoked, chewed, or inhaled, and gives a short acting 'buzz'. But there are 30 minutes of after-effects which, in high doses, can cause memory loss and loss of consciousness.

Last week Mr Mann branded the shop 'irresponsible' for selling the drugs, while Patrick Kielty of Body Alter slammed the MP for waging 'black propaganda against open minded people'.

The leaves available in Worksop are the Mazatec Golden leaf, which relates to the tribe of people in Mexico who first used the drug.