Meditating on art of healing

Anne Merrill and Georgina Smith - Circle of Healing Arts, have released a book titled Just Turn Up  (w110215-8)
Anne Merrill and Georgina Smith - Circle of Healing Arts, have released a book titled Just Turn Up (w110215-8)
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THERE must be something about meditating that keeps you young.

Friends Georgina Smith and Anne Merrill both meditate every day and neither of them looks their age.

They say that meditating empowers them to deal with life’s problems in a more relaxed manner, and certainly both have an aura of calm about them.

Georgina, 65, of Cuckney, has practised meditation for 25 years and has written a book to guide people on how to meditate.

She said: “Meditation changes you as a person, you deal with things differently and lowers your blood pressure.”

She became interested in healing while working as a nurse, although she is quick to stress that she never attempted to heal anyone.

“It’s more about your bedside manner, about the way you deal with people,” she said.

Georgina’s book, called Just Turn Up, comes with a CD and is designed for beginners.

I found the biggest challenge was turning up - finding the time to sit down and do it. But once I had I enjoyed the feeling of stillness it brings and Georgina’s soothing voice lulled me into calmness.

It takes effort to clear your mind but is worth it.

Georgina and Anne are both Reiki healers and have just started a monthly Circle of Healing Arts group in Worksop.

Anne, 51, of Shireoaks, said a lot of people were sceptical about healing.

“Once you’ve worked with them they say they can feel the difference though,” she said.

“It’s about aligning the seven main chakras (centres of spiritual energy) in the body for your own wellbeing.”

It was when Anne borrowed Georgina’s book from Worksop Library that she decided to get in touch with her.

Georgina and Anne want the Circle of Healing Arts to be a place where healers can get together, but also where people can go to find out more about healing, and be healed.

“We know there are other healers in this area, some of them use different techniques like crystals and sounds, so we thought a group was a good idea,” said Georgina.

Anne is also a spiritual healer but says that healing and meditating are not about religion.

She said: “I worked for Mencap and then had my children and was at home for six or seven years and just thought I needed something, which is how I got into healing.”

Georgina is a Reiki Master Teacher and a member of the Healing Trust, as well as a meditation teacher.

She said: “Attitudes have changed. I get doctors referring people to me now.”

“I focus on the breath technique for meditation, which is about focusing on your breathing to help clear your mind. As you start to feel yourself thinking of other things you focus on your breathing again to clear everything else.”

“You find with practice that it becomes easier to clear your mind until you can do it for the whole 20 minutes.”

Anne said that since meditating, life seems less of a struggle. “My confidence has increased and I’m at ease with myself now.”

The next meeting of the Circle of Healing Arts is scheduled for 9th March. Anyone interested can call Georgina on 07761 556164 for confirmation.

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