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The May 2011 local election results for Anston and Woodsetts, Dinnington, Maltby and Wales wards are as follows:

Anston and Woodsetts

Judy Dalton (Labour) 1562

Simon Edmundson (Conservative) 965

David Foulstone (Green) 164

Denise Hickson (UKIP) 326

Clive Jepson (Independent) 462

Stuart Thornton (Independent) 406


Pat Beighton (Conservative) 761

Jane Havenhand (Labour) 1725

Martin Hickson (UKIP) 324

Dave Smith (Independent) 465


Christine Beaumont (Labour) 1881

Michael Burke (BNP) 388

Michael Conlon (Independent) 215

Derek Johnson (Conservative) 322

John Kirk (Independent) 370


Dominic Beck (Labour) 2089

Dennis Flynn (UKIP) 600

Gill Shaw (Conservative) 1160

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