Worksop: Local women among thousands MoonWalking through the capital to beat breast cancer

Claire Annals and Sharon Clark pushed themselves to the limit to complete the MoonWalk

Claire Annals and Sharon Clark pushed themselves to the limit to complete the MoonWalk

More than 15,000 women from across the UK descended on London for the annual Walk The Walk MoonWalk in aid of breast cancer.

The moonlit marathon saw women, running, jogging and walking around the capital in the evening and night time hours, all with a story to tell about themselves, family or friends who had suffered breast cancer.

Among them were friends Sharon Clark, from Steetley and Claire Annals, from Worksop, who were taking part in the event for the first time.

Claire had seen the event last year and wanted to set herself a challenge and Sharon joined her to give much needed support and encouragement.

“We are not athletic in the slightest but we’ve been training since January – walking a total of 166 miles in and around Worksop – and completing this marathon was a massive challenge for us and it turned out to be a very emotional 12 hours, which is how long it took us,” said Sharon.

“When I saw the work that the charity was doing – such as providing cooling caps in treatment centres so that patients have less risk of losing their hair due to treatment – I knew that this was something I wanted to do,” added Claire.

“It was tough – the training and the actual event – and I wanted to give up every step of the way.”

“But the support of our families and friends, who were even sending messages of support at 3am on the night, got us through.”

“Our husbands have also been brilliant and I wouldn’t have completed it without Sharon.”

Claire and Sharon’s joint fund-raising currently totals £1099.30 and people can still donate to their cause online at or

Also among the walkers were Maria Batty and Delia Higgins, both from Worksop, who were walking as part of a group called the Footmark Fillies from the Footmark Fitness athletics club in Doncaster.

Delia has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and the group decided to take part in the event to help support her and the fight against the disease.

And they hope to have raised more than £10,000 between them as a result.

“The walk itself was much harder than everyone expected including the organiser, as it was cold, very windy and wet,” said Maria.

“It started later than expected and all in all we agreed that it was very challenging.”

“But we just had to think of the money we had been sponsored for and that helped us get through it.”




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