VIDEO - Council gives £5,000 to boost police visibility in communities

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Police visibility will be increased in Bassetlaw communities after a funding boost from the district council.

Notts Police has received £5,000 from Bassetlaw Council to fund five new special constables in a bid to bolster community safety.

Both the local authority and police force welcomed the partnership as a way forward at a time when budgets for the public sector are becoming tighter.

Chief Superintendent Ak Khan said: “We know some of the pressures that local authorities are under when it comes to finances and for Bassetlaw Council to find £5,000 in such a squeeze if a great effort.”

“I think it shows the commitment and strategic leadership from the district council towards community safety.”

“These specials are not there to replace regular police officers. People welcome visibility and some of the work we have been doing with local communities is on the concept of community guardians - these specials will support that.”

Special constables are volunteer part-time police officers, and the money from the council will go to fund uniforms and training. They often have other jobs, and work for the police so many hours a month.

Chf Supt Khan said the specials, as they are known, will stay in the district and become a familiar face in a community.

Coun Simon Greaves, leader of Bassetlaw Council, said the funding is small part of an initiative to improve community safety.

“This is not a silver bullet, it’s part of the jigsaw. It is recognition that keeping the community safe is everyone’s priority,” he said.

“As a local authority we are very keen to have a robust police presence in the district.”

“We recognise the pressures in the public sector as we all do. This isn’t about replacing uniformed officers and we are looking at how much value added the council can bring to the table.”

Coun Greaves urged people to look into becoming a special constable and give something back to the local community.

And he did not rule out supporting the police force in a similar way in the future.

He said: “In relation to the budget I will be very happy to support similar initiatives in the future.”

“It’s rather unprecedented times in relation to spending cuts but I have no doubt we will be looking to explore further opportunities in the future.”

“I think we are right that there is more collaborative working because that is going to result in the best outcome for local communities.”

Watch the video above to see Coun Simon Greaves, leader of Bassetlaw Council, and Superintendent Mike Manley talk about the funding.




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