Robin Hood ballad - was there another love interest before Maid Marian?

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Experts in the Legend of Robin Hood have dismissed a ballad that claims the famous outlaw had another love interest before Maid Marian.

Archivists at Nottinghamshire County Council have on file in its Valentine’s archive records a ballad entitled: ‘Robin Hood’s Birth, Breeding, Valour and Marriage’. His love interest before Maid Marian in the ballad is said to be Clorinda, the Queen of the Shepherdesses.

The ballad features in Joseph Ritson’s collection ‘Robin Hood: a Collection of All the Ancient Poems, Songs and Ballads now extant, Relative to that Celebrated English Outlaw: to which are prefixed, Historical Anecdotes of His Life’, published in 1840 (Nottinghamshire County Council Archives’ Rare Book Collection). It includes the following lines:


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