Retford: Historic cars are needed for charity trip

The Bingham's from Ollerton will lead the rally in their classic Riley

The Bingham's from Ollerton will lead the rally in their classic Riley

Veteran, historic and classic cars urgently needed to join a special event in aid of Help For Heroes and the Respect Carers charity this Sunday (29th June).

A special car run will start off a 12noon from Respect Green Burial Park in Scrooby and make its way to the Hop Pole pub in Retford, slowing by several old inns along the way for passengers to receive complimentary tots of the good stuff.

“The aim is to re-ignite an old motoring tradition from the 1900 to the 1930s where the owners of the Inns around the shires used to thank drivers of those early cars for causing so much interest and stopping by with their motor cars,” said Gordon Tulley of Respect Bawtry.

“Now, with the same enthusiasm, five local inns and hotel keepers have instantly agreed to help promote this Help For Heroes event.”

“Plus, with kind permission of the current owner of the famous Wiseton Hall Estate, where many old F1 cars were collected and stored, we have been allowed to bring our cars through and around the stable courtyard.”

Anyone wishing to join in should go to the website at www.respectbawtry.blogspot.co.uk to confirm their entry.

However, just turning up on the day will also be highly appreciated.

For further information, call 07836 202158.




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