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As a reader of your paper I would like to bring it to people’s notice, the reason why shopping in Worksop over the Christmas period has been an expensive time for me.

I parked in Central Avenue car park on 15th December at 11am, the central machine was out of order, the machine at the entrance to the car park was taking money but not giving tickets out, there was no car park attendant about, so myself and numerous other people could not obtain tickets. I returned to my car about 45 minutes later to be in the process of being given a penalty notice, as well as a lot of cars around me. When I approached the attendant, I was told I would have to make an informal challenge, because the machine was then working.

I have gone through the whole procedure of doing this, but to no avail, the letter I received back has not taken any notice of what I wrote and telling me I should have got a ticket from the other machine, which I told them, was not giving any out. Bearing in mind I have never had a parking ticket in my life, this whole incident will make me think twice about shopping in Worksop town.

Mrs Bint

(via email)

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