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The following event moved me to write and tell the world of a

phenomenon residing in the fair old township of Dinnington.

I was waiting for my car to be returned after falling victim once again to the ever increasing potholes in our overpriced and underfunded road network. A puncture in exactly the place that could not be repaired.

Whilst I was in the waiting room, a lady came in and told the receptionist/owner that she had been told she needed two new tyres at a ‘well known national car fixing centre’. A fitter came for her keys and drove the car around to the workshop. A few minutes later he came back into the room and asked her who exactly had said she needed tyres.

She told him the name of the company who boasts in thier cheery little advert song that you can’t get better than them... He then said she had at least a year’s worth of wear on the tyres and they had no damage so were safe... no charge!

I was lost for words, unusual for me that, and once I had recovered, got into conversation with the guy behind the counter. He said he turns at least 25% of customers away after they had been to the local national centers because there was nothing wrong with the car, and he has once done a job for £59 with a reasonable profit for his garage that the nationals had quoted up to £650 to do. Only one incident in a long line of jobs he has done at a much lower cost to the motorist than was quoted by the big guns.

Talking to other people in the waiting room confirmed what I am leading up to, we have the rarest of things, an honest garage in our midst. Praise where praise is due to M.E.T.S on Outgang lane. There must be other garages and businesses like this one, let’s hope! He cannot be the only honest trader in the area, perhaps we should all get together and name the good ‘uns and shame the bad. This event prompted me to remind the owner that he had quoted me £95 for the new tyre and wheel swaps but was about to charge me just £85. Honesty given deserves honesty back in my book.

If you have had dealings with honest or rip off traders, please write in, let’s get a local list going! Life is hard enough without the pirates giving any trade a bad name.

Paul Goodhind

(via email)

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