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It would appear that commonsense when dealing with the public has been mislaid at Anston Parish Council.

I was a member of the public attending an Anston Parish council meeting on the 18th February, where I witnessed a form of bureaucratic stupidity not seen since the Labour Party forcefully ejected an 80 year old man from their conference. This man’s crime was interjecting during a debate, the same Labour Party high handedness raised its ugly head in Anston at the above mentioned meeting. A 70 year old disabled man had written a letter to the parish council complaining about the conduct of a parish councillor, in over four weeks there had been no acknowledgement that the letter had been received. He then finds himself in the position where the letter is an item on the agenda, the chairman with the help of a parish/borough councillor attempts to fob the man off. However, much to the chagrin of the Labour Party majority again led by the chairman, being a retired miner the man is made of sterner stuff he demands the letter be read out. Now to any normal human being it would have been quite obvious that the man was becoming agitated, therefor to placate him one would have had the letter read out. The problem of course is that we are dealing with the Labour Party. In a very vociferous manner the chairman ordered the disabled pensioner to shut up, he did this on more than one occasion. Which as one would expect this not only agitated the man himself even more but also the rest of the public who were there. The chairman, in the same vehement way, ordered the man to leave, he of course refused. The chairman then adjourned the meeting and called the police to have a 70 year old disabled pensioner ejected from the meeting. By the time they arrived, because they had more pressing things to deal with than ejecting a pensioner from a parish council meeting that the chairman had lost control of, the meeting had been closed and we were all leaving anyway. This did not stop the chairman from attempting to insist that the police remove the man, the meeting having been closed the two police women very sensibly followed us all out of the building. But the question still remains what would have happened had the meeting not already have been closed?

It is yet another example of the Labour Party in the Rotherham area believing they are more important than the people who elect them. It would have been quite easy for the chairman to ameliorate the situation, all he needed to do was have the letter read out. But in the true spirit of the Rotherham Labour Party he was going to prove at all cost that he was more important than a 70 year old disabled resident of Anston.

One last salient point - the Chairman of Anston Parish Council sits on the Standards Committee that polices the conduct of all councillors in the Rotherham area!

David Smith

Victoria Street,


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