Gainsborough: Hoax fire call made on April Fools’ Day

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A warning has been issued after fire crews were called to a hoax flat fire this afternoon (Tuesday 1st April 2014).

Firefighters from Gainsborough and Retford were called just after 3.20pm to reports of smoke coming from a flat on Spital Terrace. It turned out to be a hoax call.

The Gainsborough crew was able to get the message to the Retford crew before they arrived, and firefighters turned back.

“Hoax calls divert the emergency services away from people who may be in life-threatening situations and who need urgent help,” said Andy Higgins, community fire safety manager at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue.

“This can mean the difference between life and death for someone in trouble.”

“The fire service takes a number of measures to root out hoax calls and we now attend far fewer than before.”

“However, too many people still think it’s fun to see fire crews rushing to a hoax call.”

“This behaviour is unacceptable and a criminal offence and we will continue to actively pursue those who make hoax calls.”