Teenager given 'last chance' by magistrates

THERE were gasps of relief from the public gallery as Worksop magistrates gave an 18-year-old 'one last chance'.

Joshua Kettle, from Manton, breached his curfew 38 times after being given a community order for possessing criminal property.

He agreed to buy a stolen Rover 200 car from a mate, and had been electronically tagged as part of his punishment, Worksop magistrates were told on Monday.

On one occasion Kettle claimed the tag had ‘fallen off’ when police officers called round, and after several breaches he was brought into custody in the early hours of Monday ahead of his court appearance for resentencing.

“He mixed in with the wrong crowd, and became despondent, but he does have a great set of friends who have attended court this morning,” said his barrister Ian Pridham, who even admitted it appeared a taste of prison might be the only way to scare Kettle straight.

Magistrate Alison Clarke told him: “This court is very, very concerned at you breaching your court order. You don’t have the longest record we have ever seen, but you really are stretching the court’s patience.”

“You are more or less asking us to send you to prison. We are, however, on this occasion, prepared to give you one last chance.”

“Hear the gasps of relief from your friends and family, will you look at what you are doing to them?”

Kettle was given 100 hours of unpaid work as part of a one-year community order. He was ordered to pay 65 costs.