Mum blows a kiss to double murder suspect

YVONNE Entwistle's first job in court today was to blow a kiss to her son Neil.

Flanked by husband Cliff, the pair settled for the third day of jury deliberations which were precluded by yet another attempt by Entwistle's legal team to have the hearing halted and moved.

Elliot Weinstein's motion to shift the trial was thrown out by Judge Diane Kottmyer at Middlesex Superior Court today.

So far the defence and prosecution have agreed on nine jurors. Each side is allowed to object to 16 jurors. Thus far, Entwistle's team have rejected seven while the prosecution have turned down five potential jurors.

One juror, a Welshman, was turned down by the prosecution because his record showed he had been through a messy divorce and had at one time been subject to a restraining order.

Under normal circumstances the court would have broken for morning recess but Judge Kottmyer is pushing the selection process with a view to getting the trial under way as soon as possible.