Creswell gran jailed for dealing in drugs

A NOTORIOUS 60-year-old Creswell drug-dealer who was found to be in possession of heroin, cannabis and other drug paraphernalia has been jailed by Derby Crown Court.

Carol Freda Whitehead, of Rogers Avenue, was sentenced to three years and nine months after a raid on a property back in August 2006.

The jury heard evidence of a recording from two mobile phones of drug dealing and also heard an explanation from a drugs expert on the meaning and content of some of the text messages recorded.

Whitehead claimed throughout the four-day trial, held in March this year, that she could not read and write nor operate a mobile phone.

But the jury heard evidence to the contrary and dished out a guilty verdict – leading to her sentencing this month.

Coun Murray-Carr, cabinet member for community safety at Bolsover Council, said her conviction would come as a relief for the local residents who have had to put up with drug dealing and its associated problems.

”Drugs ruin lives and the actions of the defendant has certainly had a huge impact on the area,” he said. ”We are extremely pleased with the outcome and it sends a clear message to those who deal in drugs that we are watching and will take action.”

Another defendant, Andrea Pledger, pleaded guilty to three counts of involvement and is due to be sentenced pending a report related to drugs rehabilitation on Wednesday 4th June.

Whitehead’s sentencing this month is the latest in this long-running drugs case, coming almost six years after she received an 18-month sentence for drugs supply in July 2002.

She and her two sons, Julian and Robin Mallen, were jailed for a combined total of nine and half years for suppling heroin from their home - with the two brothers receiving four years each in prison.

Derbyshire drug squad officers swooped on several addresses in a series of dawn raids in late February 2002 - the result of five months of painstaking detective work.

An undercover policeman gained the confidence of the family and suspicions that Whitehead and the Mallen brothers were dealing from their Station Road home in Clowne were quickly confirmed.

”The officer soon came across evidence of dealing,” said Andrew Peet, prosecuting. “There was a set of scales and other drugs paraphernalia in clear view by the television set.”

“The officer was able to purchase heroin from the brothers on numerous occasions, while their mother clearly knew what was going on,” he said.

Julian Mallen, 22, pleaded guilty to four counts of supplying heroin and 20-year-old Robin admitted supplying the Class A drug on six occasions.

Whitehead also pleaded guilty to being involved in supplying drugs, and to a charge of cruelty to her 13-year-old disabled grandson.

This trio also courted controversy back in 2002 after angry residents hit out at Bolsover Council for housing them in a large historic Victorian property on Station Road following a neighbours’ petition to get them evicted from their Salvin Crescent house.

Anyone with any information regarding crime or drugs should contact the Police on 0845 1233333 or Bolsover Council on 01246 242424.