Worksop’s Victorian locals

Traveller's Rest on Gateford Road in Worksop

Traveller's Rest on Gateford Road in Worksop

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LEISURE time was scarce in Victorian Worksop and in what spare waking hours there were, people tended to be exhausted from gruelling manual labour and housework. Some Worksopians contented themselves with a stroll, a spot of gardening or in church related or musical activities. However, many liked to spend their spare time in the numerous inns and pubs. A tap room was warm and inviting after a long, gruelling day at work. In 1883, Worksop had 55 fully-licenced premises and 12 beer houses - which meant one between roughly 170 people.

Pictured is the Traveller’s Rest on Gateford Road at the turn of the century.

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