Ned and Flo

Ned and Flo

Ned and Flo

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Lovable rogues Ned and Flo were a common sight on the streets of Worksop some 50 years ago. The two tramps were inseparable and their love for one another was what kept them going.

Ned was born to a wealthy family but fell in love with Flo, one of the maids.

Upon his marriage to Flo, he was thrown out of the family home and left to fend for himself.

Together Ned and Flo would wonder around the streets with all their worldly goods in a battered old pram and without a care in the world.

The two became popular figures in the town and have been remembered fondly ever since.

This picture was sent in by Mrs M. Godfrey of Worksop who was sent the photo by a relative in Southampton.

Her husband used to live on Canal Road in Worksop and has fond memories of the couple sitting by the gas works trying to keep warm.

They seem to believe that Ned and Flo’s surname may have been Fletcher.

Can you remember Ned and Flo? If so we would love to hear your stories. Contact us at the Worksop Guardian, 21-27 Ryton Street, Worksop.

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