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Notts Police have used new powers for the first time against car-crusing boy racers

NOTTS: First boy-racers served with warnings using new powers

The first drivers to flout an injunction order which cracks down on anti-social ‘car cruising’ near Hucknall have been served with warnings by Nottinghamshire Police, using new powers secured through the courts.

Thoresby Colliery

Hard-working miners could mean Thoresby closes early than expected

Efficient workers at Thoresby Colliery could mean the pit closes quicker than anticipated, coal bosses have said.

Crowd go wild at last years Tramlines

Festival fans urged to use Sheffield’s public transport to get to Tramlines

Tramlines has teamed up with ‘Not Driving’ (a sustainable transport campaign), Supertram and Northern Rail to encourage people to ditch their cars and make use of Sheffield’s public transport network over the festival weekend. The main site at Ponderosa Park does not have a parking facility so it’s essential that people are aware of the alternatives.


A DB Schenker Rail coal train.

Doncaster firm announces plans to cut 234 jobs

Hundreds of railway workers’ jobs in Doncaster and Worksop are under threat under plans to shed 234 jobs at a major employer.

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Former Bolsover District Council Sherwood Lodge offices which are know owned by Morrisons.

Plans for a Morrisons store in Bolsover face collapse

Council chiefs fear plans for a superstore in Bolsover may have collapsed after Morrisons opted to sell the Sherwood Lodge site which had been earmarked for the development.

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