AA Grundi: World Cup ‘vanishing spray’ would be handy around Worksop

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It might be the greatest show on earth, the world’s biggest sports event and (so far) a bonanza of exciting, attacking football.

But my lingering memory of Brazil 2014 is likely to be what an ingenious invention that vanishing spray the refs have been using is.

And also how useful having a can of it would be in and around Worksop.

Have you seen it? It’s being used to keep defenders 10 yards away from free kicks.

I love the way the overpaid, under-worked spoilt brats who make up 90 per cent of the players in the tournament throw the toys out the pram when they get a bit of white spray on their yellow, orange or pink boots (are there any black boots left in professional football?).

It’s an ingenious way of cutting out at least one bit of cheating in the game - though obviously there are hundreds of other dark arts which need tackling.

And imagine the joy of being able to use it to create a ten yard, no make it 20, exclusion zone around you next time you’re sunbathing in the Canch? Thou shalt not pass this white line.

Or block yourself off from the hoi polloi in the Post Office queue.

Excuse me, mind your feet while I create an exclusion zone.

Or you could put a stop to those idiots who look over your shoulder while you’re trying to read a book in WH Smiths.

Overall I have to say I’ve enjoyed the World Cup far more than I was expecting to this time round.

OK so the England team are back in Blighty before they had time to pick up a sun tan but that was only to be expected - and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Sadly it all went according to script as far as the Three Lions were concerned.