COMMUNITY: The Crossing Church & Centre

Community event.

Community event.

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Friday, August 12, Royal British Legion display and advice 10am to 1pm, morning prayers, 10.30am. Saturday, August 13, morning prayers, 10.30am. Sunday, August 14, morning Worship led by the Worship Group, 10.15am. Monday, August 15, morning prayers, 10.30am. Tuesday, August 16, morning prayers, 10.30am, lunch club, 12noon,2pm, prayers. Wednesday, August 17, morning prayers, 10.30am, Musicality Singers – Summer Concert, 7.30pm.

Thursday, August 18, Thursday morning Communion service, 10.30am to 11am, older people friendly group, 12noon to 2.30pm, Worksop and District Stoke Club, 7pm. Friday, August 19, morning prayers, 10.30am, CAMEO, 11.30am.

Monday to Friday weekly, Charlotte Eccleston, evolve exercise. A local and dedicated pilates teacher for one-to-one and group sessions.